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Our commercial electricians are fully equipped to set up your physical or wireless network devices, install your phone lines, install additional power and telephone points and get your business online(where let’s face it, it needs to be!)
We pride ourselves on installing cabling in accordance with our client’s individual requirements. We ensure we fully understand the customers’ needs and construct a plan that covers all the necessities.

High Quality Cabling

At PMEC we use high quality cabling to ensure that your Internet service is provided to you to the best of its ability, and won’t slow down or drop out due to old or cheap cabling.
We will provide an ordered and organized cabling system that isn’t muddled and confusing, and won’t make your space look cluttered.  Our system will be so neatly labeled that you can recognize, rearrange ormovethe cabling without complication, if you so choose.
PMEC will locate points and sockets in specific places that work for your space and make sure all cabling pathways are orderly and covered.

Data Port Installation & Checking

We can check your sockets and whether or not each port is transmitting data at your maximum speed to ensure that your computers and Internet connections are working to their full potential.
This may all seem a little complex, don’t worry it is. But that is why you can trust that P-MEC Electrical will take care of all the difficulties for you. Leave us to do what we do best, so you can get on with what YOU do best.