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An experienced PMEC commercial electrician can be at your place of work quickly, to ensure your electrics are in the best possible shape.
We all know that when it comes to technology, things can easily go wrong; but we don’t want something that could start as a minor issue becoming detrimental to your business.
They often say prevention is the best cure, and this rings true with electrical problems too.  Through regular monitoring and maintenance you can ensure that small problems are caught before they impact your whole office or business.
According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers nearly half of all electrical losses are loose connections and parts, and exposure to moisture. Both of these problems can be avoided with a full EPM (electrical preventive maintenance) plan.
Here are the main things you need to consider when preparing a plan for your business:

Qualified Technicians

The people putting your EPM in place need to thoroughly understand the equipment they are working with, as well as all electrical safety practices and procedures. We ensure that all our electricians at PMEC are as educated as possible and well versed in their fields.

Regular Maintenance

Be in regular contact with your electrician. Once every three years is the bare minimum recommended time frame for examining and inspecting the safety of your equipment. This time frame should be shortened for any equipment deemed to be vital to your business. Your P-MEC consultant can advise you on this.

Informed Decisions

You need to know the best and most efficient way to fix any problems, or potential problems assessed with your equipment. This means the technicians involved in your EPM plan must be able to give you the most accurate information in a way you can understand. At PMEC Electrical our years of experience in the field ensure that we won’t overload you with jargon you can’t get your head around.


A succinct yet comprehensive record system will help in preventing future problems with your equipment. Your PMEC electrician will keep track of the results of your equipment testing to that potential problems can be easily identified.

An EPM is beneficial to your business in a variety of ways. The loss of vital equipment can be costly ; not only to replace but for the overall damage its impact can have on your business. Don’t neglect this aspect of your company and save yourself time, money and of course stress, by contacting PMEC and creating an EPM plan.