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AnRCD (residual current device)sounds like a complicated phrase, but is actually commonly known as a safety switch. These devices are designed to isolate power and trip a safety switch when they detect an irregular ‘surge’ of energy.
These surges could end in a variety of troublesome ways. At the very least, minor damage can be caused to your devices, but if the RCD does not recognize this surge and an individual were to touch an energized piece of equipment the results could potentially be fatal.
With this in mind, ensuring that your RCD is tested and your circuit breaker/switchboard is correctly labeled isn’t just about safety and convenience, in many parts of Australia this is also the law.
We meet many business owners that have taken a DIY approach to this issue. We strongly advise against this. Attempting to do it yourself can mean a variety of things:

  • You don’t meet the legal requirements
  • In a busy workspace electrical circuits are complex; they often do not match up to a specific room and are likely to be connected to an assortment of appliances
  • You injure yourself. This process can be very dangerous for untrained individuals
  • It can be extremely time consuming; particularly in a business that runs with lots of electrical equipment.

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At P-MEC we are experts in establishing the configuration of your switchboard and labeling it appropriately. Using circuit tracing and identification we can quickly and efficiently establish how your switchboards are constructed, without needing to turn off all of your businesses electricity to supply.
Our expertise means you can rely on us to not only make your life easier when it comes to your switchboard, but also ensure you meet the legal requirements of the Australian guidelines.
We provide a full range of services from full installations to simple repairs.
Main Switchboards, Control Switchboards, Group metering Switchboards, CT Chambers, C-Bus Switchboards and Electrical Control Panels
These specially designed switchboards are type tested, have Arc fault protection and come in any internal segregations up to Form 4, and made for jobs up to 6300 Amps with all types of applications up to IP65. – What do P-MEC use?