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Here in South Australia we really feel the extreme contrasts between the seasons. Although in summer we need powerful air conditioning to stop the dry heat, we also need effective heating and ventilation systems in winter to battle the bitter cold.

Staying warm is essential for the comfort of your home. Let P-MEC Electrical set you up with an experienced electrician who can explain all the different systems available to you and assess which would be most appropriate for your home or property.

We  work closely with the world’s largest names in heating, such as Dakin, Mitsubishi, Actron Air and Panasonic, due to their high quality and reliability to ensure that the system we install is equipped to warm up the coolest of Adelaide nights.

  • Reverse cycle air conditioners (units that do both heating and cooling)

Not only will P-MEC Electrical install your new system, but our qualified specialists are only a phone call away if ever you feel your system isn’t quite working as it should.

Beat the winter chills and get yourself an affordable heating and ventilation system in Adelaide now.