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This one’s for the music lovers. Do you love listening to your yourfavourite tracks on the weekend while you’re moseying around the house? We do. But it can be a buzz kill to have to disconnect your iPod and plug it back in with each room you move to. Either that or you’re straining to listen to the music coming from another room. There’s a very simple solution to this little problem, Multi-room Audio.

P-MEC Electrical can install a simple system that plays your audio in every room of your house. Create the perfect ambience in your Adelaide home for when you have guests coming over for dinner, or better yet just enjoy dancing from room to room while you’re home alone.

And what about the time you’ve spent search for CD’s that seem to have disappeared into thin air? A multi-room audio system such as ours can eliminate that drama by using your phone, tablet or other selected systems to store and play your favourite tunes.

Family members can choose to play different music in their selected rooms too, all through the use of hand held remotes and wall mounted keypads. At P-MEC Electrical we love systems that don’t require cluttering your space with unsightly boxes and wires as other sound systems often do. These wires are still required but as part of our installation system we can ensure that these things are kept enclosed in walls, ceiling space or cupboards if need be.