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The security of your home and property is paramount to us here at P-MEC Electrical, as we’re sure it is to you.

Whether you’re after a simple alarm or a more comprehensive security system, we specialize in ensuring our clients have peace of mind when it comes to their safety.

We bring you the best high quality products to see that your family is kept safe.

Our home security systems in Adelaide can include:

  •  Interior Motion Detectors
  •  Glass and Door Sensors
  •  Interior and Exterior Sirens
  •  Digital Key Pads
  •  Multi-Zone Installations
  •  Control Panel Programming
  •  Master Control Panel
  •  Back Up Battery System
  •  Phone Line Protection
  •  Key Chain Remotes
  •  Panic Button Protection

Our CCTV  systems only use HD colour infrared cameras. These cameras illuminate the area covered at night, allowing you to see what’s going on even in total darkness. The cameras are connected to a digital video recorder and record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We connect the recording to the internet so you can view the streams live from your work, your smartphone or any computer anywhere in the world.

Combining this system with an alarm is the most effective way to make sure you have ample protection for your home or property, and what’s more this can all be done remotely.

Keep your home and its precious content safe with an efficient and easily installed security system from P-MEC Electrical.